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Surviving in Undawn – Advanced Tips

Undawn is full of secrets and useful features that some players may miss, to survive and thrive in Level Infinite and LightSpeed Studios’ open-world survival title, here are some advanced tips to keep in mind beyond the fundamentals:

Skill Check

When levelling skills, focus on early ones like Molotov Cocktail and Auto Turret. They’re not only very useful, but are cheap to level up and quickly boost overall character ratings. Some skills, like Smoke Bombs, are best suited to PvP while others, like Corrosive Grenades, are best suited to PvE in Undawn.

Diet Planning in Undawn

Cooking meals with a single ingredient is the most efficient way to increase chef expertise. Adding additional vegetables or meat to the dish will give the same expertise return, so keep that in mind, unless the aim is to unlock new recipes.

Spit and Polish

Polishing gear will improve its performance. In the Equipment screen, tap the cog icon to display any weapon or armor that is currently available to be polished with Silicon Carbide Particles. Increasing the polish level will boost base damage of weapons and the armor rating and max HP provided by armor pieces. 

Strength in Numbers

Joining a Camp in Undawn brings considerable benefits, including a regular group of players committed to helping each other out. In a Camp there are always a few members eager to join a team to run the daily activities or partner up for PVP matches. There are also frequent rewards only available to Camp members.

Crop Dusting

Put the Homestead’s farmland to use. Growing crops is a great source of food. Harvest, replant, then cook, while Flowers such as Feverfew and Milkweed should be planted as well as they contribute to the overall Homestead Points needed to upgrade a Homestead. 

Efficiency First in Undawn

Each type of resource can be checked or unchecked to display on the map, making it convenient to find the precise location for the specific resource that’s required. For example, certain spots called shoals, indicated on the mini-map by little fish icons, are extra rich with fish.

For daily events, use the Schedule and cutstomize Push Settings to be reminded of specific happenings coming up in Undawn.

A Bit on the Side

The best way to find new side missions is to browse the Wilderness Anecdotes inside the Story screen. Each entry has a description of the mission, the rewards received for its completion, and any prerequisites for it to be accessed. 

The free-to-play open-world survival RPG is now available on iOS and Android devices, with a companion PC version available on Steam and the official website.

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