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The Cycle: Frontier Season 2 Culminates in Electrifying Storm Divers Event

Drop into deadly storms to earn new weapons, gear and cosmetics before Season 3

With The Cycle: Frontier set to welcome Season 3 this coming Mar. 29, YAGER is not about to let the current season go out without a bang. The new in-game Storm Divers event introduces more exciting gear, weapons, and cosmetics to The Cycle: Frontier, with Fortuna III experiencing strange occurrences.

As both Crescent Falls and Tharis Island see an increased frequency of storms, it is up to Prospectors to discover the origins of the phenomena and put an end to a disaster waiting to happen.

For a dangerous task like this, players who join their fellow Storm Divers will obtain specialized gear to survive the tempest, including a night vision helmet, storm-protecting armor, and helpful mods and consumables. The event will also forgo reputation requirements for all factional weapons, including legendary weapons and most of the epic and exotic gear, with alien meteor cores and fragments that can only be found on event maps. The opportunity to experiment with late-game weapons and gear that can be out of reach normally is a great incentive for anyone checking out Storm Divers in The Cycle: Frontier.

Of course, dangers are everywhere on Fortuna III, and Prospectors will need to keep a keen eye out anywhere they go. Aside from the aggressive flora and fauna, the storms also cause meteors to crash down from the heavens, bringing both danger and rewards at the same time.

There is also the Howler, which will be introduced in Season 3, to watch out for, as its nest locations will be visible on the map. Nothing like a sense of impending doom to quicken those footsteps.

The Storm Divers event will last until the start of Season 3 for The Cycle: Frontier, which is on Wednesday, March 29.

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