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The Cycle: Frontier Season 3 Arrives in March With Big Changes

For prospectors who have been enjoying themselves in The Cycle: Frontier, they are certainly doing so with an eye on the upcoming Season 3 of the PvP extraction shooter. While developer YAGER has been keeping things closely guarded, the studio has now revealed the big news. The Cycle: Frontier Season 3 will kick off this coming Mar. 29, and with its arrival will be big changes to how players will continue to play the game.

Job Stability in The Cycle: Frontier Season 3

While wipes have been mandatory for the two preceding seasons, there are changes afoot. Following the release of Season 3, there will no longer be any mandatory wipes. The game will go through one last global wipe when Season 3 kicks in, but as usual, Aurum and cosmetic items will remain untouched by the reset. After that, every bit of progression will be permanently recorded on your account.

However, the team is also looking into options for those who are making the choice to wipe their progress. This would allow such players to reset their progress on their own terms and start the adventure anew. This could be a great opportunity to experience future updates with a fresh pair of eyes or simply optimize the early game. YAGER is also contemplating rewards for choosing to do so, but more information will be shared once the right approach is found, be in Season 3 or future ones for The Cycle: Frontier.

Balancing Act

With wipes set to be a thing of the past, there is a pressing need for The Cycle: Frontier to balance things for Season 3 and beyond when it comes to the whole game and economy. With an eye on the future and the long-term success of Prospectors, this means making tweaks to make everything feel worthwhile. For instance, high-quality gear & equipment will be more valuable and getting hands on them may require a bit of risky play, making them rarer overall.

Content-wise, campaigns will be reworked once more to stand in line with the new economic balance. They will also be expanded upon with new endgame questlines and will keep growing in the future. Fortuna III remains a place full of secrets and discoveries after all, and there will be more in The Cycle: Frontier Season 3 that awaits.

To further tease players, YAGER has also prepared a roadmap for fans to follow, albeit in hushed tones at the moment, so expect to see more in the coming months.

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