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The hunt begins: V Rising launches with a huge update

After its wildly successful run in early access, Stunlock StudiosV Rising has launched. Version 1.0 brings a huge content update too, along with gameplay and engine improvements.

The vampiric action RPG survival game puts the player in the shoes of a newly awakened vampire after centuries of slumber. Players will get to construct their own castles and explore an open world, while hunting for blood to regain strength—alone or in an online clan.

Drac Rising

Version 1.0 introduces the Ruins of Mortium, a new chilly wasteland of eternal night. At the heart of the ruins sits Dracula’s castle, now deserted and decrepit.

Well—not entirely deserted. Dracula’s servants have returned, and have opened portals from the Shadow Realm to summon Draculin monsters, tasked with collecting blood crystals and V Blood essence to fuel their master’s return.

Four of Dracula’s most fearsome generals also joined the roster of V Blood bosses added in version 1.0: Elena the Hollow, and her powerful ice magic; the dark blade of Cassius the Betrayer; Valencia the Depraved, a former human noblewoman now freed from earthly limitations; and the legendary Night Champion, Lord Styx.

Eventually, after picking off the generals and winning Stygian Shards for their efforts, players will eventually face off against Dracula himself.

Whip It

Dracula isn’t the only famous adversary to square off against. As part of the launch, players can look forward to famed vampire slayer Simon Belmont, of Konami’s classic Castlevania series.

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With his iconic whip in hand, Belmont is coming to V Rising 1.0 as part of the Legacy of Castlevania DLC, alongside various cosmetic additions including castle decor, character customisation and even a skeletal mount.

Deeper character development

This update also reimagines many aspects of character abilities, progression and customisation. The overhauled magic system means spells are no longer unlocked in a set order.

Instead, defeating V Bloods allow players to unlock the spells that best suit their play style and character build. New weapons include powerful bows and a whip as well as a number of unique apex legendary weapons.

The new ancestral forge serves to upgrade legendary weapons allowing players to keep using their favourite weapons as they level up.

Vamp it up

An expanded character customisation suite invites players to cultivate an eye for fashion. It’s now possible to mix and match armor pieces between sets, as well as dye individual pieces different colors. Now, at last, players can really show off their inner Vamp to full effect.

Interior designers get a healthy nod, too. There’s a whole new range of castle decor available to spruce up—or spook out—the discerning Vampire’s lair. Better still, it’s now possible to relocate the entire castle to a new location.

Technical improvements

Complementing the exciting new story content, gear and gameplay features, version 1.0 also delivers a raft of important enhancements to the overall V Rising experience. Here are some of the highlights:

  • A new lighting engine allows Stunlock Studio’s artists to meticulously hand-craft the look of the world, enabling them to better bring each scene to life or death.
  • Gamepad support for PC players delivers a tailored way to play while the on-screen HUD and user-interface have been overhauled for gamepad players.
  • Steam achievements and PlayStation trophies are now in-game, rewarding players for levelling up and defeating bosses while also providing another layer of direction for those who want their experience a little more guided.
  • The Brutal difficulty setting throws down a stern challenge to veteran Vampires, pitting players against evolved enemies and V Bloods. This third difficulty sits alongside the existing Relaxed and Standard settings, which remain available for players who prefer to focus on building and exploration.

And finally, did we mention you can also transform into a giant vampire spider?

V Rising is available on Steam, and later this year for PlayStation.

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