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V Rising x Castlevania crossover is the monster mash-up for the fans

A good idea often seems inevitable with hindsight. Some ideas, though, feel as though they’re meant to be. V Rising x Castlevania crossover, Legacy of Castlevania, is one of those ideas. It seems impossible to imagine a timeline where these franchises don’t exist together in unholy communion.

Cool whip

Legacy of Castlevania brings legendary vampire hunter Simon Belmont to Vardoran. A quick look at his loadout shows he’s in town for business. His legendary whip, Vampire Killer, is an heirloom of the fabled Belmont family, having been wielded by several heroes in the Belmont clan.

Stained with the blood of countless demons and vampires, Vampire Killer has already defeated Dracula twice and gone toe-to-toe with Death himself. Quite the legacy. Needless to say, defeating Simon won’t be easy.

Victory, though, brings great rewards, including attaining Vampire Killer and a series of deadly accurate new combat abilities.

By fans, for fans

For the team at Stunlock Studios, the tie-up is a dream. CEO Rickard Frisegård explains: “We’re all big fans of Castlevania, so being able to actually create original Castlevania content in our game is a dream come true. I want to express a heartfelt thank you to our friends at Konami for the chance to bring Castlevania to the V Rising universe. This has been an opportunity for us to channel our love and effort for their games into this collaboration, and we look forward to you being able to experience it for yourself!”

The Legacy of Castlevania crossover event is available for free, and will happen on May 8th—the same day that V Rising moves to a full release.

Alongside, the paid DLC Legacy of Castlevania Premium Pack will unlock more Gothic cosmetic upgrades. Players can transform their Vampire lairs—and themselves—with Castlevania-inspired decorations and outfits.

There’s also a skeletal mount to help strike additional fear into the poor locals. Rounding things off are a couple of classic Castlevania themes, reimagined by Alexksandria Migova, V Rising’s composer.

Purchase the early access version, or wishlist the full release on Steam here. Follow V Rising on TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook, and join the conversation on Discord. V Rising is also coming to PlayStation 5 later in 2024.

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