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The Imperial House Corrino Faction Descends on Dune: Spice Wars

Make way for the Imperial House Corrino and their legion of Sardaukar

Dune: Spice Wars, the 4X real-time strategy game from Shiro Games and Funcom, is rolling out the red carpet to welcome the Imperial House Corrino, which brings the playable factions up to a total of five and setting the stage for an even more epic struggle.

Since its Early Access launch, the studio has been expanding and improving Dune: Spice Wars with every update, and this latest one marks the second out of four major content drops in the pipeline.

With the arrival of the Imperial House Corrino, Shaddam IV, the Padishah Emperor, brings his mobile royal palaces to Dune, an expression of his domination over the planet. While the position brings him a steady spice tax or bribe, he must balance it with the responsibility to pay the Spacing Guild’s fees to maintain affordable interstellar travel.

As House Corrino, wield influence over the other factions by manipulating the CHOAM market and the Landsraad in Dune: Spice Wars. If all else fails, deploy the ruthless Sardaukar to squash your opposition.

As rulers of a galaxy-wide territory, the imperial councilors of House Corrino have ample experience in intrigue. Princess Irulan and Wensicia Corrino, daughters of Shaddam IV, lend House Corrino politically sharp and insightful minds. Captain Aramsham is a Sardaukar officer, an expert at commanding the most elite fighting force in the universe, while Hasimir Fenring, the assassin mentat, is one of the deadliest fighters of the imperium and the closest friend of Shaddam IV.

Pit the other factions against each other, employ your political and military might with cold precision, and retake what is yours in Dune: Spice Wars. Explore the new imperial faction now and ensure that the spice will flow.

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