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Tower of Fantasy Drops Update for 3.5 & Reveals Evangelion Collaboration

Tower of Fantasy’s first-ever crossover is a big one

As the game’s Wanderers continue their adventures in Tower of Fantasy, there is more to look forward to on the horizon. Level Infinite and Hotta Studios are announcing they’re teaming up with Japanese mecha anime powerhouse Evangelion.

In 2024, legendary Evangelion characters Asuka Langley Soryu, Rei Ayanami, Shinji Ikari, as well as the iconic Evangelion Test Type-01, will join the expanding world of Tower of Fantasy.

The characters will arrive on Tower of Fantasy‘s main world of Aida. They’ll join adventures and to help players fend off attacks. The studios are bringing exclusive collab content such as limited-time Simulacrums, event-specific storylines, outfits and customized vehicles to help celebrate the crossover milestone.

Inside the Electrifying Winter Rhapsody expansion

Next week, the upcoming Electrifying Winter Rhapsody expansion drops. The new main story, “Domain 9: Extraterrestrial Visitor,” will see the people of Domain 9 take advantage of the peace after their trip to Hendeca County. They’ll begin a research campaign on the Darkform they retrieved from Hendeca.

New friends from outside the Domain come in to lend a helping hand in solving the puzzle around the Omnium reactor at the Infinite Sundial.

A brand new boss, Dark Wretch: Forlorn Minister, will also be introduced in the 3.5 update for Tower of Fantasy. The swordsman was once part of an expedition to Hendeca County, but fell in battle and was transformed into a Dark Wretch with the ability to teleport.

Look out for Electrifying Winter Rhapsody on December 21.

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