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Be Enchanted by the Purple Bamboo of Nan Yin in Tower of Fantasy

The once Overseer of Yuheng and Lady Baihu has returned as the latest Simulacrum in Tower of Fantasy, as Nan Yin wields the Purple Bamboo. With the third altered weapon found in the game in her hands, this is a dangerous foe not to be messed with, especially with the diverse traits she brings to the battlefield.

Nan Yin Skills and Mechanisms in Tower of Fantasy

Offering different options both in and out of combat, players will have to learn the intricacies of Nan Yin to become effective as part of a team. Her normal attack, Darkshadow Blast, possesses the Shatter effect that can be used to bring down enemies quickly, and with her trait in effect, it transforms into a damage-over-time effect.

Using her weapon skill sees Nan Yin summoning a Hyperdimensional Field, which is a great AoE option to deal damage to multiple targets as it triggers four times. The more enemies caught in the attack, the shorter the interval between each collapse, amplifying her damage potential. Those same enemies will also see their shields get negated as she attacks with Purple Bamboo.

As for Nan Yin’s Coordination Confinement, players can exploit some of the unique mechanisms to gain the upper hand. Using Discharge Skills will generate a phantom of the Simulacrum, which will attack a target in coordination with the player. Full control can be obtained by dodging and using the Possession mechanic, with bonuses granted for attack and skill damage.

At the same time, Nan Yin will also summon different types of dark wretches, each with a different special effect depending on the elemental type of the weapon used to trigger it. Out of combat, she can spawn up to two Void Abyss Current portals, allowing for quick travel across the map at any time.

Nan Yin Exclusives & Key Star Mechanics

The uniqueness of Nan Yin continues to stand out in Tower of Fantasy, starting with the benefits of having Altered Weapons. When equipped with three Altered Weapons, she gains a 30% increase in attack, which can be stacked with other Simulacrums’ buffs.

Her flexibility sees Purple Bamboo taking on the elemental damage type of the previous on-field weapon, giving another option to exploit weaknesses. Should Purple Bamboo not make the cut as the equipped weapon, it can inhabit any other weapon to increase the damage.

At 1-star, inhabiting weapons with Purple Bamboo will see the damage boost effect further increased based on the host weapon’s star rating. Collapse damage after Nan Yin utilizes her skill is also enhanced. A 3-star Nan Yin in Tower of Fantasy will see the attack ratio of Void Trace inheritance get boosted, along with one chance to negate fatal damage. As for a 5-star Nan Yin, the maximum number of Void Abyss Current portals is upped to three, while being in the vicinity of her Hyperdimensional Field confers an effect that ignores a percentage of the target’s resistance types.

Nan Yin Combat Tips in Tower of Fantasy

A Frost team of Nan Yin, Ling Han, and Yu Lan will see the new Simulacrum become even more effective at charging and shattering, augmented by skill damage multipliers and defensive buffs. Her discharge passive can trigger corresponding buffs for weapons of different types as well. Nan Yin can be part of a Flame team with Fei Se and Ming Jing as well, or a Physical team that replaces Fei Se with Gnonno.

With the new generation of Altered Weapons, putting together a team of Nan Yin, Fiona, and Lin will see the latest Simulacrum become the main DPS carry, thanks to Possession. This state and her discharge passive will have her at the heart of the altered damage swift cut strategy, with quick discharge and skills to decimate the enemy.

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