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V Rising Celebrates One-Year Anniversary With Full Secrets of Gloomrot Gameplay Trailer

After months of tantalizing teases and reveals, Stunlock Studios is ramping up the festivities for V Risings one-year anniversary by showcasing the full gameplay trailer for its first major content update, Secrets of Gloomrot. Set for a May 17 release, players can look forward to a plethora of new content to sink their fangs into, including improved castle building, expanded combat
mechanics, and significant changes to the world map, especially with the addition of the new Gloomrot biome.

As one of the larger regions available in the game, Gloomrot is home to a new breed of danger that players will have to overcome to gain access to new powers. Mutated experiments and mechanical wonders alike roam the lands, spawned from the twisted ways of the Trancendum, and hunting down those that lord over the lands will pave the way to control the power of lightning and the improved technology in tow.

Players can benefit from the evolved combat system, with gameplay made more diverse with new weapon types, a new spell school, and the jewel system that allows for spells to be modded to suit any playstyle in Secrets of Gloomrot.

“Almost every spell has been changed in some way to better align them with their identity, and make each school feel more unique from one another. Adding in the sixth spell school is another layer of that variety, and then the Jewel system adds a much-desired layer of customization to the entire package to add more possibilities, and also bring players closer to their individual character fantasies,” shared Community Manager Jeremy Fielding.

It will all come in handy as the world of Vardoran undergoes a facelift, with new points of interest to visit, visual updates, new items, and enemy types. Players will also encounter 13 additional V Blood bosses and 30 new enemy types, all ripe for the taking. It is not just the action and adventure that will delight the masses, as gameplay following the arrival of Secrets of Gloomrot also brings improvements to castle building in the form of multiple floors, territories, and new customization options.

“Building multiple-story castles has always been something that was on our wishlist, but the sheer scale of difficulty in adding it as a feature made us hesitant when there are so many great things we could be adding to the game. It was a relief to see that players also shared that desire with us, and gave us the courage to pursue it even if we weren’t entirely sure it would be possible,” explained Fielding.

“So it was also a bit scary. After a serious labor of love, however, it worked out and we were able to do it! The process has been extremely difficult and there were many challenges, and seeing the fruits of that labor be so appreciated by the players already is a really nice experience. We truly can’t wait to see what our Vampires are capable of when they get their hands on it, because what we’ve already seen has been mind-blowing.”

Secrets of Gloomrot will be launching for V Rising this May 17, and players can learn more by visiting the official website.

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