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Wayfinder Class Guide – Survivalists Silo and Venomess

Survivalists play crucial support roles in Wayfinder, with abilities centered on controlling crowds of enemies with various debuffs.


Bringing the Fire and the Fury

Both Survivalists are for more experienced players, but Silo’s more straightforward abilities make him slightly better suited to beginners in Wayfinder.

Silo’s Strategic Advantage passive boosts his ranged and melee damage against debuffed enemies. Conveniently, using active abilities is the most efficient way to debuff opponents, leading to a powerful loop of debuffs and damage boosts.

Silo’s Oil Bomb and Fire Bomb abilities synergize perfectly. An oil bomb slows enemies, deals damage, and increases their susceptibility to critical hits. Its primary function, however, is to enhance the effect of a fire bomb, resulting in a massive explosion. An oil bomb even grants a free fire bomb charge, emphasizing the importance of this combination.

Clone Wars

The Proto-clone ability provides a strategic escape route, distracting enemies with a clone of Silo while he retreats to safety in Wayfinder. The Arc Nemesis ultimate unleashes Silo’s EGG drone, which shocks enemies and makes them vulnerable to the bonus damage from his passive ability.


Every Cloud Has a Poison Lining

Venomess, as her name suggests, has a strong focus on poison in Wayfinder. Managing poison stacks to maximise damage across multiple enemies takes practice, making her a good choice for more experienced players in Wayfinder.

The Master of Venom passive ability is central to her toxic toolkit, applying venom with each successful hit. When an enemy gets five stacks of venom, a poison cloud forms dealing damage over time and adding additional venom stacks to any enemies it comes into contact with. The most effective strategy is to hit a five stack on an enemy and then switch targets to try and generate multiple poison clouds.

Acid Reigns

Her Venom Thrusters active ability leaves a trail of poison clouds as Venomess dashes across the battlefield in Wayfinder. These poison clouds can be detonated by her Vampiric Blast ability, which absorbs up to five clouds and explodes them over a large area. This explosion harms enemies and simultaneously heals allies within its radius. 

The Transfusion ability also has a dual effect, sending out poison needles to harm enemies while also sending out healing needles to allies. Finally, her Deep Breath ultimate creates a potent feedback loop, delivering significant damage and additional stacks of venom, which in turn boost the effects of her next uses of Transfusion and Master of Venoms.

Wayfinder is available now in Early Access on both PC and PS5.

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