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Wayfinder Class Guide – Warmasters Wingrave and Senja

Tanks for the Memories 

Warmasters are the Wayfinder equivalent of the Tank archetype, whose primary job is to hold the frontline and draw enemy attention while shielding and healing allies. 


Sword and Board

With high health and defense, Wingrave is the easiest tank for new players to learn in Wayfinder.

His passive ability, Healing Pulse, heals himself and one ally when completing a melee combo. Make the best use of this skill by staying within melee distance of the enemy and use light attacks to finish the combo. Allies should also remain close to take advantage of the free heals. 

Divine Interventions

Wingrave’s active abilities also provide protection for allies. Radiant Pulse deals damage and, at Level 3, heals any allies behind Wingrave’s shield. This means positioning Wingrave between enemies and allies. 

Righteous Strike sees incoming damage reduced while the skill is active, best for soaking up damage when trading blows. Landing hits also offer party healing for Wingrave and nearby allies in Wayfinder. Lastly, the Divine Aegis ultimate is great at protecting allies from boss area attacks and preparing for counterattacks.


The Crowd Pleaser

Senja is more complex and better suited to experienced tank players in Wayfinder. Her passive ability, Crowd Favorite, works in conjunction with her active ability, Gladiator Pummel. Pummel an enemy, then hold it to Gain Favor. 

Senja then begins Showboating, buffing her defense while building Crowd Favor and boosting her follow-up attacks. Time the Showboating period right to maximise damage on the next Pummel.

Finale Fantasy

On its own, Gain Favor lets Senja taunt enemies into attacking her. She gains boosts to Weapon and Ability Power while they are taunted, and draws enemies away from less tanky teammates. 

Lightning Grasp is another method of crowd control, pulling enemies towards Senja, dealing damage, and slowing them down. Senja’s relatively slow movement speed means she is better off bringing enemies to her rather than going to them. 

Finally, the Grand Finale ultimate is a healthy reminder that Senja isn’t a purely defensive tank in Wayfinder. It hits hard, dealing huge damage, including splash damage and knockback at higher levels. It’s very useful against bosses and clearing crowds of enemies.

Wayfinder is available now in Early Access on both PC and PS5.

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