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Wayfinder Teases Season 2 Hero Grendel at Tokyo Game Show 2023

With Tokyo Game Show 2023 underway, Digital Extremes and Airship Syndicate have taken the chance to reveal a glimpse of a new hero, Grendel, that players can expect to use in Season 2 of Wayfinder, the online action MMORPG available now in Early Access on both PC and PS5.

Brought to life by the creative mind of co-director Joaquim dos Santos, who worked on Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, the teaser trailer showcases the lion-warrior Grendel, who wields a giant axe against all who stand in his way.

“The idea for Grendel dates back to the start of Wayfinder. We wanted to have a large, menacing ferocious Wayfinder that didn’t fit the mold of a typical hero. He’s also our first non-human character which we know players have been begging for. Tokyo Game Show just made sense as the perfect place to debut Grendel’s anime as Joaquim’s team is inspired and excited by any and all anime,” said Steve Madureira, Game Director.

Season 2 of Wayfinder will arrive later this Fall, with the full release planned for early 2024. For visitors who are curious about the game but have yet to check it out, demos are available to attendees from Sept. 21 – 24, showcasing the game’s memorable characters and colorful, ever-changing fantasy world.

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