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Wayfinder Welcomes the Call of the Void Free Update

The vibrant world of Evenor is welcoming its first significant update, as Airship Syndicate and Digital Extremes unleash the Call of the Void free update for Wayfinder both on the PC via Steam and on PlayStation consoles.

While the update will contain a multitude of bug fixes and tweaks to resolve server issues, the main meat is the gameplay content that Wayfinders can look forward to. Call of the Void will bring the first-ever live event to Wayfinder lasting for only a few weeks, together with other incentives worth seeking out.

This includes the powerful Juggernaut, a new two-handed Breaker weapon capable of both bashing and mashing foes thanks to its saw bladed adornments, two new quests in the form of The Final Score and Harbingers of Chaos, as well as new enemies to fight. The poisonous bomb laying quadrupedal Bloodbore is eager to taste some blood, and so does the Talon of Pyre.

Players can also receive the orange and blue glowing Gloom Dagger Skin, Dawning Hope, for completing the event while it’s active. The live event is open to everyone regardless of level, so gather friends and family and start adventuring together.

This content drop coincides with patch, which brings a host of improvements to gameplay, quests, inventory, and other known issues in the game.

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