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Witness The Gruesome Finale in GTFO With Rundown 8.0: Duality

10 Chambers has launched the final chapter of its terrifying tactical co-op horror game GTFO as part of the festivities at The Game Awards 2023 with the free Rundown 8.0: Duality expansion.

Presenting a nerve-wracking conclusion to the game’s story arc, this new expansion will task a four-player team of prisoners to escape a hellish underground facility known as Garganta. As the 12th free major content update, this latest addition will bring the total number of expeditions in GTFO to more than 80 terrifying scenarios for veterans to sink their teeth into.

For newcomers, this means a hardcore horror cooperative multiplayer experience that offers hundreds of hours of paranoia, tension, and fear to experience.

“The GTFO story started at The Game Awards when we revealed the game for the first time back in 2017, so, of course, we felt we need to be here again this year to also announce the final chapter to the GTFO story,” said Ulf Andersson, Creative Director at 10 Chambers.

“Important to note is that while the story of GTFO is closing, the game will continue to be alive and kicking. GTFO will be a game you can complete from start to finish—if you’re an extremely skilled gamer, that is to say.”

Success is a hard-fought reward in the world of GTFO, as the survival of the prisoners depends on a team’s ability to communicate, coordinate, and manage their ammunition. As they travel deeper into The Complex searching for a way out, players will encounter increasingly horrific creatures, each posing unique challenges and requiring a different tactical approach. In GTFO, teamwork means the difference between life and a violent, visceral death. To The Warden, everyone is expendable.

“It feels bittersweet to leave something you’ve been working on for seven years, but it’s it’s time for something else,” added Simon Viklund, Narrative and Audio Director at 10 Chambers.

“We hope the community will find the closing of GTFO‘s story arc satisfying. We’ve especially put in a lot of work on the narrative and level design for this final update, which we hope the players will appreciate.”

With the launch of the Rundown 8.0: Duality update for GTFO, 10 Chambers concludes a seven-year-long journey that began with Andersson founding the studio following his departure from Overkill Software and Starbreeze Studios.

The game will continue to receive support in the form of bug fixes. Previously released Rundown content updates, cycled in and out of the game quarterly since the game’s launch in 2019, are also freely accessible and will remain available to the game’s existing fanbase and new players alike.

Prospective prisoners can play GTFO during this free weekend, and Rundown 8.0: Duality is available now as a free update to owners.

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