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Arena Breakout Season 3 Comes to Mobile on January 19

MoreFun Studios has announced the next update for its hit mobile first-person shooter Arena Breakout.

The new Season 3 update, dubbed ‘Enter the Vault’, will bring a new map, bosses, guns and gameplay elements.

Season 3 will see players attempt to infiltrate a new Television Station map, in order to unearth secrets about the ongoing war buried within its vault. New bosses Kort and Rolf are waiting to stop players from breaching the elevator that leads to the vault.

Once players eliminate opponents, the mission is not over; they’ll still have to grab the loot, and break out of the facility in one piece.

The new arena ups the stakes further with limited room for maneuverability and more instances of close-quarters combat—testing the players’ ability to wield the new bullpup weapons being added, like the Groza, FAMAS, and AUG.

This update follows October’s Season 2 Battle for the Port content drop. Season 3 goes live on January 19 for both iOS and Android devices.

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