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What to Expect in Tower of Fantasy 3.6 Update: Beyond Horizons

The next major expansion for Level Infinite and Hotta Studio‘s Tower of Fantasy is just weeks away. This update, Beyond Horizons, will launch on January 30 across mobile and PC.

The version 3.6 update for the hit open-world MMORPG will include an all-new map with additional missions, a continuation of the main storyline, two new characters to play, and two new world bosses. It also marks the game’s 1.5-year anniversary celebrations, with various events and rewards for players to enjoy.

Visiting Aquaville

The new Aquaville map will allow players to roam the beginnings of the technology that was developed to allow humans to survive in Domain 9.

In ruins now, the Aquaville is in the midst of restoration, and welcomes players to jump into its mysterious and dangerous industrial zones in search of secrets and, hopefully, a solution to ending the Darkness crisis in Domain 9.

The new story chapter, called Impending Storm, also sets the stage for a showdown with the villainous Hive Mother. As the story progresses, we get hints that we’re inching closer toward the end of the old world.

New World Bosses

Players are set to meet two new bosses.

The first, Ying Zhao, is a combat droid developed by the Nine Arks Industry. This foe is still in the early stages of development and players will encounter it in battle. The second is Fei Lian, a native creature of Domain 9 with wing-shaped blades on its back that are as deadly as they are colorful.

Like other unique world bosses who can be found across Aesperia, Vera, and Domain 9, the two new additions will provide tough challenges worth taking on.

Exploration and Puzzles

The 3.6 update also contains new puzzle-solving and exploration mechanics for Tower of Fantasy. Seek out the eight talismans scattered across Aquaville to unlock the Profound Lattice and uncover the stone tablet’s mysteries, or attempt to charge the Thawing Talisman with Aquaville Bright Crystals to obtain the rewards within the sealed device. Just watch out for waves of enemies that become increasingly more difficult to handle as the seal breaks.

Players should also pay attention to the Four Symbols Cauldron, which harnesses gathered field energy to produce various helpful resources.

Users will be able to receive field energy as a reward for performing different tasks, such as balancing energy flow modulators found around Aquaville. At the same time, field energy collectors have also been added to other unlocked maps in Domain 9.

The game now also offers devices for field energy exploration. These devices, when activated, reveal energy shards within a certain range, so players can begin harvesting.

Plotti and Yanuo Simulacrums

Tower of Fantasy welcomes two new Simulacrums with this update, Plotti and Yanuo.

An SSR Simulacrum, Plotti is an elite member of the Hykros Headquarters. A talented coder, Plotti is not a technician, but a combat operative specializing in special operations and infiltration, able to handle multiple foes on her own. Her weapon, the EP-7000 Skyfire, is customized specially for Plotti, delivering flame and physical damage and highly efficient aerial combat capabilities.

We’ll share more details about Yanuo soon.

Celebrating 1.5 Years

To celebrate Tower of Fantasy‘s 1.5 years, Hotta Studio has prepared a large selection of new events for the game.

Among the goodies up for grabs: 135 draws for free (including Normal Pool SSR Weapon ×1 or Gold Nucleus Box ×80), the Mi-a Outfit: Lucky Mi-a, accessories such as Journey of the Past, Year’s End Firecracker, Sacred Feather Crown, and various other commemorative titles.

Rare items will make a comeback. Expect to see Cobalt-B Haute Couture: Argent Intuition and Silver Flame Revolver, Lin Haute Couture: Azure Heart and Coral Weave, and Vehicles: Nova and Floating Bubble, as part of the event.

Get ready to update the new game on January 30.

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