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Opening the Gates Into Tarisland With Locojoy Games

As part of the leadup to the next Closed Beta in Tarisland, the development team at Locojoy Games has joined in on a deep dive into the MMORPG title, and provided fans a closer look behind the curtains on what to expect out of the game.

The Origins of Tarisland

For starters, the driven motivation behind making an MMORPG like Tarisland comes from the studio’s “deepest love for RPGs,” explained Locojoy CEO, Guoshi.

“My creative team and I have shared the same experiences of playing such games. The moments when we journeyed, teamed up with, and competed against our childhood friends, classmates, and roommates in games remain etched in our memories. We wish for these cherished experiences to be more than just memories; we want them to live on.”

As for game director Yangmin, the experience she envisions “must be a game world with diverse values and a high degree of freedom, where players can go on adventures, explore, solve puzzles, and even fish and forge. It’s a game world where all actions matter.”

With those goals in mind, Locojoy pushed hard into work on Tarisland, “shaping the overall structure” that includes the “three Primeval Gods with completely different views.” This is where the player comes into play, assuming a pivotal role in realizing their purpose in a world struck by a cosmic-level disaster.

A World of Spectacle

To further engage the players, Tarisland has to be visually arresting, with a realistic world at its core. This is why it was important for Locojoy to include features like “ultra-long vision” and “24-hour weather changes, including sunny, rainy, and foggy days.”

This is not just for players who will be spending tons of time in the game, with the high-quality graphics the base standard no matter where players choose to play. As Yangmin shared, “from the beginning of the project, cross-platform compatibility has been the direction of our R&D.”

This is made possible with “independent sets of art resources on mobile devices and PCs,” and when it comes to UI and UX, the team has created “different screen layouts and operation logic based on the habits of cross-platform players.” Whether it is a hardcore community or a more casual one, the freedom to enjoy Tarisland no matter which platform is a welcome one.

Music is also an integral part of the experience, and with the help of acclaimed music producer Russell Brower, epic music is to be expected. According to Guoshi, Brower “drew inspiration from the game’s story to compose the music, which will become a very, very important component of the players’ experience in Tarisland.”

At the end of the day, it is all about the players, and for Guoshi and her team, the goal is clear.

“We hope our game can bring back a style of purest fun in gaming, to send forth a world to every adventurer who has a passion for the RPG genre – the world as it should be.”

The second Closed Beta for Tarisland will begin on November 15, allowing both PC and Android players in Argentina, Brazil, Europe, Southeast Asia, Canada and North America to experience their adventures in English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. Registrations have now opened.

Tarisland is scheduled for release on iOS, Android and PC in the first quarter of 2024.

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