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Chief of the Azure Guards Huang Joins the Battle in Tower of Fantasy

Armed with the magnificent Azure Dragon, the leader of the Azure Guards, Huang, brings her mastery of lightning to the world of Tower of Fantasy as a main DPS dealer, along with a plethora of skills that make this new Simulacrum a great supporting member as well.

Huang Skills and Mechanisms in Tower of Fantasy

Capable of sustained attacks both on the ground and in the air, Huang’s speed is essential to her effectiveness in combat. Her attacks can also be enhanced by summoning the Azure Dragon to join the fight, but her greatest on-field DPS skill is Thunder Burst, a lightning combo that can be channelled to deal consistent damage to enemies while granting Huang an HP shield.

If Fortitude Resonance is active, the skill taunts nearby enemies as well as grants a shield to the entire team. Dodging also allows Huang to fire a lightning ball directly in front of her, which be further leveraged by using a dodge attack, spawning a lightning pool that draws enemies in.

Landing three normal attacks in a row sees Huang gain one stack of Qinglong’s Might, which can be further added to with dodge attacks up to a max of eight times. Each stack grants increasing Damage Reduction for Huang in Tower of Fantasy, with the bonus of increasing the damage of weapon skills as well.

The weapon skill, Azure Moon, sees the coming of the Azure Dragon, which soars into the sky to deal massive damage while shrouding the area with dark clouds. At this point, Huang can spend Qinglong’s Might to call down lightning strikes. Having two Volt weapons equipped will allow for lightning to be inflicted on enemies, and the Soaring Dragon discharge skill will unleash a powerful AoE attack that can turn the tide.

Huang Key Star Mechanics

At 1-star, Huang gains Qinglong’s Might when using a Volt weapon skill, which enhances her attacks. Thunder Burst also restores up to 40% max HP, and Qinglong’s Might can be easily accumulated by using Azure Moon, which instantly grants three stacks.

With a 3-star Huang, players equipped with Azure Dragon will have all Volt weapon base skill cooldown reduced while dealing increased Volt damage.

At 5-star, having Fortitude Resonance active will allow Huang to survive lethal damage for a single time and gain damage immunity for a short duration. Discharging also ignores hyperbody and draws in nearby enemies, keeping enemies occupied. Use of Thunder Burst also spawns a power grid that stops enemies and projectiles in their tracks, which will come in handy defensively.

Huang Combat Tips in Tower of Fantasy

Huang can team up with the likes of Rubilia and Fiona, with the chief of the Azure Guards responsible for most of the DPS. The other two Simulacrums will help boost the damage output, with weapon charges key to this particular strategy.

Another possible team combination will see Huang join up with Rubilia and Fenrir. In this setup, Volt weapons will be the key that leverages Huang’s star trait effects, with Swift Cut becoming an effective tool to deal damage and stack Qinglong’s Might for weapon skills.

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