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A Taste of What’s to Come in Tarisland: Mystery of the Hollows Closed Beta

With the next Closed Beta approaching, things are starting to heat up in Tarisland as the development team at Locojoy Games shares more.

Into the Wilderness

First up is a Dungeon Preview of Camp Carlyan, the second 5-person dungeon revealed after the Library of Chaos. Located in SilverLit’s Wilderness, the Camp is home to the Parkers – a “Robin Hood” style gang that takes from the rich but not give to the poor. This has led to friction with the authorities in SilverLit. 

The inspiration taken from the real-life open-pit Chuquicamata Mine in Chile is clear in the dungeon’s map, but it also helped shape the boss fights.

Boompike, a Centurion of the Black Flag Army, is the first boss players will face. Wily and cunning with an unparalleled knowledge of the mines, Boompike is also a master of explosives, but players are able to operate a mechanic to derail a mine cart and knock it off the cliff, greatly assisting in the boss fight. 

After defeating Boompike, players will face Commando Captain Redpike, another member of the Black Flag Army guarding the mysterious defensive weapon, the Wrath of Nidhoggr. An expert in firearms, Redpike carries a huge sniper rifle – and he’s not afraid to use it. 

Should players survive their encounter with Redpike, they’ll find themselves up against Reggiepike. An ex-pirate, he’s now the last line of defense. His pirate background is instantly apparent, and his deadly flying blade attacks make for a fierce battle. 

Balancing Act

The dev team has been hard at work refining and rebalancing the PvE experience before the Tarisland Closed Beta, focusing on class skills and attributes, difficulty levels, matchmaking and rewards.

Skill Sets

Secondary attributes have been overhauled, either removed or rebalanced, to provide a more consistent experience for different class specializations. Enemy stats and skills have been tweaked to align with these new attributes, with adjustments made to health points, attack and skill damage. Loot drops are also better optimized and should now drop gear that suits each character’s class specialization. 

Certain specializations have seen targeted adjustments, including the Frost Mage, Tamed Beast Ranger, Bard and Frozen Barbarian Fighter. 

Raids Refined

The team has tuned the difficulty on raid content, adding a new “Normal” difficulty level. The focus is making raiding more accessible to new players. Normal Bosses will have lower health, do less damage, and use simpler strategies in battle. This gives newer players a chance to get comfortable with encounters before testing themselves in harder difficulties. 


Elite Dungeons will feature a matchmaking system that helps bring new players together to learn the encounters while helping veteran players quickly form teams. 

Rewarding Achievements

New seasonal PvE challenges are coming to the game and, when completed, they’ll reward players with full costume sets, weapons, mounts, accessories and more. 

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