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Shadowguards Leader Fei Se Dances Her Way to Tower of Fantasy

The world-renowned dancer Fei Se leads the Shadowguards of Domain 9 wielding the beautiful lotus known as Endless Bloom, incinerating all who stand in her way in Tower of Fantasy. Understand just how this new Simulacrum can be a valuable part of any team with this guide.

Fei Se Skills and Mechanisms in Tower of Fantasy

Primarily focusing on off-field effects, Fei Se is well positioned to be the secondary carry of flame teams. Be it on the ground or in the air; this Simulacrum has all the moves to punish the enemies and achieve good ground control.

Key to her effectiveness requires combining her dodge attacks with weapon skills to trigger a variety of mechanisms. Whirling deals damage to nearby targets and creates Mirage Fantasy, a field that will deal constant damage to enemies caught in its range every second, together with a burn effect every five seconds.

Following up with a dodge attack then spawns Fei Se’s Phantasia and Lotus Petal. The former converts a certain percentage of the target’s maximum attack to the Wanderer’s basic Flame attack, while the latter enhances Mirage Fantasy’s damage over time, with the number of petals equal to the sum of all summons brought forth by other weapons. The burn damage of Mirage Fantasy will also be increased depending on the combined quantity of Phantasia and Lotus Petals.

And when the time is right, Fei Se can unleash Lissom in Tower of Fantasy, which breaks Mirage Fantasy and removes all Phantasias and Lotus Petals, dealing significant damage to all nearby targets. Enhance this with even more Phantasias and Lotus Petals before triggering this derivative attack.

Fei Se Key Star Mechanics

At 1-star, the burn damage multiplier of Mirage Fantasy is increased, taking the highest multiplier of any burn effects currently active. Leveling Fei Se up to 3-star will see the maximum amount of Phantasias increased to two.

At the same time, for every hit on a target with a weapon skill, an extra Phantasia is spawned. Wanderers can take advantage of the flame base attack increase effects from the various Phantasias to overcome tough enemies, as they are individually calculated and stackable.

Fei Se Combat Tips in Tower of Fantasy

Fei Se’s role as an important off-field secondary carry works well with the on-field weapon, Pine Comet, which triggers Caligraphy Characters, which increases the number of summons that can then be exploited by Lotus Petals.

Combining Endless Bloom, Pine Comet, and Onyx Tortoise in this manner will be a great setup for players looking to venture down that path. Ming Jing will be able to provide a flame damage boost through weapon skills, stacking up a charge before entering combat to get things off to a great start.

Alternatively, Wanderers can consider swapping Onyx Tortoise for Lan’s Vermilion Bird. In this combination, the flame damage boost from Lan’s discharge attacks, shield, and summons through weapons skills makes the Simulacrum a great partner for Fei Se in Tower of Fantasy.

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