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Bring the Heat With Ming Jing, the Master of Resonances in Tower of Fantasy

Wielding the powerful Greatsword, Onyx Tortoise, Ming Jing arrives as the latest addition to the Simulacrum roster of Tower of Fantasy. His mastery of the Physical and Flame resonances will make all who resist to cower, with the execution and conduction mechanisms delivering devastating area of effect damage.

Ming Jing Skills and Mechanisms in Tower of Fantasy

With the Onyx Tortoise, Ming Jing is a force to be reckoned with both on the ground and in the air in Tower of Fantasy. Each strike comes with immense force behind the swing, and his trio of dodge attacks – Open Clouds, Cutting Sand, and Lookout – means attacking this Simulacrum is always a risky gamble. At the heart of Ming Jing’s combat prowess are the two mechanisms of Dark Slash and Serpent Chain, with the former easily eliminating common or elite enemies instantly, while the latter brings invaluable AoE damage.

To trigger Dark Slash, players need to trigger the completion of the Xuanwu Totem by using the Mirror Reflection skill, follow that up by using Lookout to enter the Selfless Realm, which grants Ming Jing three charges of Dark Slash to dish out the hurt.

As for Serpent Chain, landing certain attacks while the Xuanwu Totem is active will trigger the snake bite effect, which recovers HP for Ming Jing while binding the target with the Serpent Chain. A total of four targets can be targeted this way, with a percentage of any main slot weapon damage and debuffs being transferred to all bound foes.

The Simulacrum is also able to utilize Absolute Ravine to trigger two other mechanisms in Mighty Wind, which causes all Serpent Chain-affected foes to deal additional damage to nearby targets, and Shield Break: Detachment. This particular mechanic causes additional damage over time after using Absolute Ravine, which can be further enhanced using volt, flame, and frost weapons.

Ming Jing Key Star Mechanics

At 1-star, Ming Jing is able to deal devouring damage to the target every time Grevious is inflicted on an opponent in Tower of Fantasy. This combines well with his ability to ignite targets, which also causes the Grevious status.

A 3-star Ming Jing is an even more dangerous opponent, with Mighty Wind causing all targets that are hit to become Serpent Chain members, amplifying his potential to deal damage to not just one sole enemy, but all who are unfortunate enough to be caught in the area.

Ming Jing Combat Tips in Tower of Fantasy

With the Onyx Tortoise capable of both Physical and Flame resonances, it makes perfect sense for Ming Jing to be a key part of both teams. A Physical team consisting of Ming Jing, Gnonno, and Fiona or Umi will ensure any who stand in their way are beaten to a pulp, even if they are elite and higher-level enemies.

For a Flame team, consider Ming Jing, Liu Huo, and Fiona as a potential combination, with Serpent Chain playing an important support role to maximize damage alongside other discharge skills and damage boost effects. Replacing Fiona with Lan can also be a viable plan, once again allowing Ming Jing to shine in Tower of Fantasy.

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