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Stand Guard Over the Darkness With Ling Han in Tower of Fantasy

Taking her place as the Baihu of the Four Symbols, Ling Han watches over the freezing lands of Marshville to protect the lands against the abyss current of the Darkness in Tower of Fantasy. Capable of massive weapon skill damage and overtime off-field damage, this new Simulacrum and the Alabaster Tiger are a force to be reckoned with.

Ling Han Skills and Mechanisms in Tower of Fantasy

Graceful yet impactful, Ling Han attacks with a ferocity that will strike fear into the hearts of all who stand in her way. Any normal attack will inflict Crystalline Crack on a target, which deals damage over 15 seconds, with the effect stacking up to three times to crank up the pressure.

Her weapon skill, Sword Art: Shadowy Ice, delivers massive damage to all nearby targets while freezing them for four seconds. Additionally, the Wanderer gains Cold Air, which brings even more damage to surrounding targets per second and reduces their speed. Furthermore, three Frost Blades will be summoned, with each one attacking the targeted foe every 7.5 seconds while inflicting Temperature Reduction, causing damage to the target and other enemies around it over 12 seconds.

As for the exclusive passive of the Alabaster Tiger, Extreme cold: Unload, upon using her weapon skill, Ling Han deals further damage to the target per second for 30 seconds, with the damage enhanced if the weapon is paired with any Flame, Volt, or Physical weapon. This damage comes under skill damage, and the base number is determined by the Wanderer’s Frost Attack, Max HP, Critical, and the sum of all resistance of each type.

Ling Han Key Star Mechanics

For players hoping to make the most out of Ling Han in Tower of Fantasy, the Simulacrum becomes even more powerful at both 3-star and 5-star.

A 3-star Ling Han is capable of summoning up to four Frost Blades, with Temperature Reduction dealing more damage. Should there only be a singular target, the effect is prolonged to six seconds, and there is an additional infliction of Vein Seal, which reduces the target’s speed by 30%. If the target is then struck by another Frost Blade, it will remove the Vein Seal and Temperature Reduction, culminating in high skill damage and additional damage relative to the target’s lost HP.

As for a 5-star Ling Han, both Crystalline Crack and Cold Air will deal increased damage. Wanderers can also utilize more of her movement skill, with Light Steps now storing up to 10 charges and recovering one charge every 3 seconds, allowing more frequent use of Floral Dance as well.

Ling Han Combat Tips in Tower of Fantasy

Functioning as either main or secondary DPS, Ling Han can use her charged normal attacks and skills to deal massive damage on the battlefield. Off-field, her ability to deliver massive damage-over-time to surrounding targets will also come in handy.

As such, setting Ling Han up with Yu Lan and Fiona is a great combination. The latest Simulacrum can use her normal attacks to dish out damage while adding Martial Artist stacks to Yu Lan, with Fiona providing damage boosts, making for a dangerous trio not to be messed with.

On the other hand, Ling Han can join forces with Yu Lan and Icarus instead. This all-Frost team can leverage the Swift Cut mechanic for greatly increased damage, with Ling Han’s Simulacrum trait pulling the most weight when it comes to Frost weapon skills and discharge skills damage.

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