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The Cycle: Frontier Season 3 Out Now

With advanced anti-cheat measures, the end of server wipes, improved weapons, and more, prospects have never been sweeter on Fortuna III

For Prospectors looking forward to spending more time seeking treasure and battling other players, Season 3 of The Cycle: Frontier, Breakthrough, is finally available on Steam and Epic Games Store. Together with a whole host of exciting content and quality-of-life improvements made, the monstrous Howler will also descend upon the land to bring a new threat to the proceedings.

Over the last few months, YAGER has detailed the many enhancements that would be part of the new season, including additional anti-cheat measures, new changes to weapons, a campaign and tutorial overhaul, upgrades to Prospect Station, and the long-awaited end of server wipes.

Since launch, the team has been focusing on combating the issue of cheating, and in Season 3, The Cycle: Frontier will debut the Victim Compensation System, which refunds items to players who were killed by cheaters. This is further complemented by Shielded Matchmaking, which recognizes Trusted Status players and works to prevent cheaters from circumventing their bans, as well as a variety of third-party anti-cheat software which The Cycle: Frontier uses to help ensure the fun is kept fair.

While those measures safeguard the current progress, the removal of mandatory server wipes with Season 3 of The Cycle: Frontier has allowed YAGER to achieve a new balance for both the game and the in-game economy. The long-term focus will see high-end gear be valued as it should, while the endgame will benefit from further growth.

In addition, the rollout of new MKII weapons will elevate the tension on Fortuna III, allowing Prospectors to get their hands on stronger weapons that are both fun to use and viable to keep as part of the arsenal. If it is not other Prospectors in the sights, the deadly flying Howler will certainly test players armed with these new weapons.

As for new Prospectors joining the hunt, the updated tutorial and campaign system will streamline the experience and make things much more seamless and intuitive, with the Free Loadout Runs promising tantalizing rewards for those that make it out alive.

The full patch notes for Season 3 of The Cycle: Frontier can be found here.

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