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Level Infinite Turns Two—Looking Back on 2023

As 2023 comes to a close, we want to look back on the past 12 months here at Level Infinite. Join us as we relive some of our highlights in gaming with the help of our global team and partner studios.

Connecting With the Community at Games Events

Level Infinite was present at major gaming events throughout the year, most notably at Summer Games Fest in Los Angeles, Gamescom in Cologne, and The Game Awards in LA.

Press and industry professionals witnessed our upcoming slate of big titles as part of Play Days at Summer Game Fest, including Stampede: Racing Royale, Wayfinder, SYNCED, and Undawn.

Over in Germany at Gamescom, the Into the Infinite showcase was complemented by the large Level Infinite stage on the show floor. Players could check out titles such as Assassin’s Creed Jade, Arena Breakout, GTFO, Nightingale, Stampede: Racing Royale, SYNCED, and Wayfinder.

The Game Awards also saw the reveal of new titles Exoborne from Sharkmob and Den of Wolves from 10 Chambers, together with the final piece of the puzzle for GTFO in the form of Rundown 8.0.

For anyone looking for the future of heist games (or extraction shooters with a dose of Mother Nature’s wrath), the two new games are set up to grab mainstream attention in 2024.

Launching Games in 2023

The launch of the highly anticipated Honor of Kings in Brazil was met with rave support from the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) community, leading to the game clinching the country’s Users’ Choice Award for the Best Google Play 2023 game.

For those who prefer an open-world survival role-playing experience, LightSpeed Studios’ Undawn is where the action’s at. Faced with infected at every corner and the unpredictability of other human players, you’re asked to rebuild society and take back humanity’s position at the top of the food chain.

Next Studios’ futuristic free-to-play co-op shooter, SYNCED, was also unleashed, welcoming users to its frenetic PvE and PvP encounters in the Meridian. With deadly Nanos prowling the post-apocalyptic lands, players set out to make a name for themselves and survive the chaos.

There is also Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story by Tequila Works, a story-driven adventure that has managed to capture players through its deep narrative flow and engaging puzzle and platforming gameplay.

Keeping the Content Flowing

For existing titles, our player communities had much to look forward to in 2023, as updates, expansions, and free content dropped throughout the year.

Tower of Fantasy continued to add new Simulacrums to the roster, together with significant content updates dropping, to keep Wanderers busy.

V Rising expanded its realm of darkness with the Secrets of Gloomrot expansion. Fatshark’s Warhammer 40,000: Darktide underwent a crucial class overhaul just in time for its Xbox Series X|S release, and Dune: Spice Wars emerged from Early Access and entered 1.0.

What’s Next

The new year promises to be full of games to look forward to, starting with both Nightingale and Stampede: Racing Royale for the first half of the year. Having partnered with EA for Command & Conquer: Legions and Ubisoft for Assassin’s Creed Jade and The Division Resurgence, you’ll hear from us here first regarding these beloved franchises in the coming months.

MMORPG fans should mark their notebooks for Tarisland too, with the Locojoy team targeting the first quarter for its debut on mobile platforms and PC. And for sci-fi fans, Funcom’s Dune: Awakening remains on the horizon, promising a survival MMO experience that will definitely spice things up when it launches.

Sports fans are also getting a treat, as Lightspeed Studios is preparing the arena for NBA Infinite, where the competition is set to be fierce across both PvP and single-player modes. Pre-registrations are open now ahead of a global launch in 2024.

Eddie Chan, chief strategy officer of Tencent Games Global, said for the new year: “I wish for us to continue on the momentum that we have already.”

“The most evident achievements will be the new products that we’re launching next year,” he said, naming Nightingale, Exoborne and Dune: Awakening as a few examples. I hope one year from now, we can see the breakout successes of 2024, and see Level Infinite become the number one global developer and publisher of GaaS titles in the entire industry.”

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